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By on December 2, 2015

The results are in, and KD beat KO in this November step challenge.  I will say that I thought the challenge was initially a great idea.  By the end, I was obsessed with the steps and I hated the challenge.  However, ultimately it got me out walking when I would have easily chosen to take the night off and sit on the couch.

Karen has now asked to continue this challenge into December.  At first I said no way.  However, I recognize that this challenge doesn’t have to be just about winning.  Well, not 100%.  The challenge did get me off my butt and walking around this fair city.

One other great bonus for me-I used to listen to music when I walked.  The last couple walks, I started listening to podcasts.  It is so informative! The latest podcasts are the ones from Liz Gilbert, author of Big Magic (Eat Pray Love).  Which now has lead me to a long reading list of self help type books.  So next step will be listening to some audio books, podcasts and maybe once in a while, some great tunes.  Yes, I realize I am late to this.

And yes, I’m probably late to the game on Brene Brown’s Ted talk, but I listened to this after my last walk and it was great.  I’m putting it here, as I’m going to listen to it again.  Brene Brown and Vulnerability


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    Karen Olson

    December 3, 2015

    Congratulations on your win, Ms. Doyle! You are a worthy opponent, my friend. I’m pretty sure I was twice as motivated in November so we really need to keep this up for December!


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