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By on December 17, 2015

Jenna and I attended the “seasonal party” for the building we live in last night.

I spotted the poster for the PARTY in the elevator about 3 weeks ago, sent it to Jenna immediately and told her that we would be attending.  We chortled about how weird this party could turn out.

Our building is brand new.  It was completed in April and the last of the people moved in last week.  Based on the people we see in the elevator, you are either very young (20’s) or older (60-80).  Who would turn up?  Would the 20 year olds turn this into Sugar Nightclub?  Would the seniors be tsk tsking all night? Would everyone be too scared to show up and it would be just Jenna and I and Gord(the caretaker)?

I will say, attending the party took some convincing internally on my part.  While I appear to be all friendly and shit on the outside, I’m actually quite comfortable in my aloneness and like to keep to myself.  I told Jenna we would be attending so that I would not come up with an excuse to not attend at the last minute.  (like the news is on)  I made a Chili Cheese Dip for the party and knew I would not want to eat it myself.  That made me have to go.

Since Jenna was at work and only stopping in on her break for the party, I had to show up alone.  Turns out there was a great turnout and most people were just like me.  Alone and thinking it would be good to know a few people in the building.  So I got myself a glass of courage (wine) and starting mingling.  I won a door prize ($25 at Yates Taphouse-for those who know, this is funny) and everyone complemented me on my great dip.

Two hilarious stories:

I was talking to a 20 something asian guy who is from Victoria his entire life and loves living downtown.  We were talking about all the great food in the area.  He appeared to be an expert, so I asked him about the best sushi in the area.  He gave me 3 great places in the vicinity as he just LOVES sushi.  Then I asked him about Chinese food as that is the other place I’ve been wanting to figure out.  As I was saying this, I was thinking, “this might appear racist to him”.  But the words were out there and he sorta stumbled around with “um, yeah, I don’t really eat Chinese food”.  I really hope this was all in my head- the appearance of being a total racist asking the asian guy about sushi and chinese food.  I would have asked any person that just told me they are from Vic those same questions, so it wasn’t racist, but may have appeared to be.  Zoinks!

Talking in a small group, and this one guy joins in, Brock.  He’s the guy in the picture actually.  He wasn’t a part of the group when I mentioned I lived in the apartment with my daughter who attends Vic High and currently is at work.  Anyway, I see Jenna come to the door and I say “oh, there’s my daughter, Jenna”, and he says “THAT’S YOUR DAUGHTER??!”  It was actually hilarious.   I introduced Jenna to the group and then went to refill my glass.  Jenna told me later that Brock said to her, “so you dating someone?”, she said “no”.  And he said, “yeah well you college people just sorta date everyone”, she was like “Um, I’m in grade 12”.  The other girl in the picture just started pissing her pants.  Funny stuff at the ol’ seasonal party.


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    December 24, 2015

    Kerri, keep up the good work. Looking forward to the rest.

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    December 24, 2015

    I’m looking forward to watching your year off!


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