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By on December 30, 2015

When I decided to make the decision to move to Victoria, I thought it was a really nice city.  A really nice city right on the ocean with so many cute little shops and restaurants.  Oh, and the climate is known as the “Hawaii of Canada”.

It is almost embarrassing to admit that is all I knew about this place.  Since we moved here, we’ve started to explore and it is awe inspiring.

I bought a book called “Hiking Victoria” and this guy has detailed 45 hikes in the neighborhood.  And it’s hard to pick which one is the favorite.  Well, we’ve only done like 5 of them, but really-the 5 we’ve done are ridiculous.

The only disappointing thing about this particular hike is that it did not give me 10,000 steps even though it was straight up and straight down.  My legs were screaming both ways.  The least I could get is a bunch of steps for all that pain.

So I will officially add to my list of to do’s this year- hike the 45 or so hikes in this guys book.  And if you come to visit, you will get to go on a couple too.

Here’s the book if you’re interested:  hiking book

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    December 31, 2015

    Save a few for us!


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