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twosday. day 2

By on January 19, 2016

Today marked my second day off.  I think this might be like when you have a baby and it’s 5 days old.  Then a few weeks old.  Then months.  You get it.  But for now, we are on day 2 and I’m keeping track still.

Yesterday I got my iMax year long membership card and attended a show.  I also had fresh baked cookies waiting for Jenna when she got home from school.  I did some other stuff to fill the day-like a nice long walk along the ocean, but really, the day went by unfairly fast.  This did not happen when I was working for the man.

Every morning I write in my planner what I will be accomplishing today.  It’s amazing how it makes me stay on task.  So I finished my course assignment and headed out for a hike on Elk Lake.  It said it was 10Km, but I’m pretty sure it was not marked properly as it took me a long time and I missed my scheduled iMax showing of Pandas due to the parks inaccurate km marking.

Now, there is a slim chance I was delayed because I brought along the selfie stick on my hike with an intention to get a cool pic for my blog.  Do you know its hard to look like a hardcore hiker when carrying a selfie stick?  Also, I didn’t want anyone to catch me taking my selfie so there were a few blurry retakes required from quickly putting away the camera.

Got back from the hike and my dumb list had “clean bathroom” staring back at me.  I tried to ignore it so hard.  But the checkmark satisfaction won over couch sitting satisfaction.

Good news, I put “go to movie” on my list so I’m off to see “Carol” on cheap Tuesday next.


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    January 21, 2016

    Cutest pic ever. Worth the hassle.


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