still remembering dad :)

By on February 25, 2016

We really wanted to celebrate Dad in the most heartfelt and genuine way we know.  And we know this through songs mostly.

Annette put together this wonderful picture show to the perfect mix of songs of Dad and his life.  I just love having this to go back and watch whenever I feel like.

Dad’s Memories Through Pictures

Another incredible moment from the weekend was when my good friends Tanya and Lloyd sang Drink a Beer at the service.  This song became an anthem for us.  On top of that, Lloyd wrote additional lyrics for the song- pretty much our favorite lyrics as they were so unique to us and to Dad:

Loved his family loved his wife

Worked hard played hard all his life

Put his cowboy hat on straight   

No regrets no second chance

Walked the walk and danced the dance

A million memories that won’t go

No won’t let those memories go- Lloyd Olson

And finally on Sunday, inspired by this music video by Reba, Just Like Them Horses, we  did something super special as a send off for the weekend.

We went out to our good friends, the Wowks, at their ranch.  They have a lot of horses and penned them up for us to “open up the gate”.  First we heard from Ed about the horse who tragically lost his mate a few months earlier in an accident in the corral.  This horse is still neighing and searching for him.  When it was time to open the gate, the horse looking for his mate was the first out of the gate.  The pounding of the hooves as those horses went running by was like a heartbeat as it faded away.  The release of those horses was very therapeutic and heart wrenching at the same time.

If you love me, don’t you be afraid
To look in my eyes and open up the gate
Then watch me ride beneath a newborn sun
Just like them horses
When it’s time to run- Reba

And one last tribute through song was put together by Deb and Cas.  It probably feels weird to pull out your camera at a funeral and snap pics.  But they did and I’m really glad they did.  It really captures everything that was going on over that weekend and everyone who was there.  And its another good way to remember that weekend.  And in advance-sorry, not sorry,  to everyone who has ugly cry pics in this show.  Remembering the Weekend

Now I’m home and it’s time to start living “After This”  I’m really grateful to have all of the above in my memory banks to draw on as I move forward.



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