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By on March 1, 2016

I went to the London Drugs travel clinic today for a “consult” and came out with 2 sore arms.  Typhoid, Tetanus, Hep A and B and sure why not, Flu.  It is to be determined if I need the Yellow Fever, but I’m thinking I probably will and can get that next time.  Also, when traveling to a lot of countries at once, turns out there is a fair amount to research.  Turns out I have the time.

I have been working on my travel plans for later this year.  At this point, this is what it looks like:

September 1(ish) fly to Europe with Tom-either London or Paris, hang out in France and Italy then make our way to Spain.  Expect the history nerd to take me to many fascinating(read boring) places.  I was thinking a “Ernest Hemmingway” type tour would be fun, but I think Tom has other things in mind.

September 18-October 1:  Get on the train in Madrid and go to Morocco.  This tour is 14 days.  Spain to Morocco on Train

After this tour, I will bid farewell to Tom and continue traveling alone.

October 1-7:  Do something really cool somewhere.

October 8-21:  Sri Lanka and Maldives tour.  You had me at Buddhas and Beaches…Buddhas and Beaches

October 21-November 7:  More free time to be adventurous.

November 7-26:  Africa!  I’m going to head to Zanzibar early for a few days then connect with this tour that takes you through East Africa and ends in Victoria Falls.  Africa Safari

I’m hoping to add Peru to this list, but not sure when that might happen.  Also might add Vietnam after Africa- still thinking about that.  I would like to be home for Christmas….with lots of gifts. Haha.  I have no job.  Nevermind.


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    March 3, 2016

    Kerri, brave and adventurous!! Go Kerri!

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    March 5, 2016

    I know two brother that sold everything that they own and have been touring the world over the last six months. I love following where they are at and am looking forward to my own travel experiences to come. Can’t wait to see where travel takes you cuz.


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