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By on April 4, 2016

Warning!  I haven’t figured out how to make time to post a blog from my iPad and I was traveling for the last 2 weeks.  And I have so much to write about so I will be posting a bunch of posts in a row.

But before I tell you what I was doing, I want to thank everyone who filled in my survey regarding my strengths.  Someone mentioned that I should not be asking for my strengths without asking for my weaknesses-maybe I will do a survey for that in the future.  <starts procrastinating>

Overall the points that people said were actually all pretty similar.  That’s interesting as I believe some people that responded were family, some were coworkers and some were friends.  And while I should really be focusing on the positive, I believe it might be human nature to focus on the not positive.

Someone thought that one of my strengths is that I am somewhat insecure. While I can understand why they would think that, since I just asked them to say nice things about me, I cannot really understand how that is a strength.  So when I asked Mom if she was the one to say that-she said she had not done the survey.  So, yeah, who’s the procrastinator now, Monica?

Anyway, really, thank you for responding.  Even you, the person who said I was insecure.  I’m totally over it.  Really.  I bet you can’t wait to see my weaknesses survey….

So back to what I’ve been doing!

First I went to Tofino for a mini break.  “A mini break from what?” you are probably asking.  And you would be right.  I stayed in a B&B on Chesterman Beach and it was quite lovely.  It dawned on me when I sat down to read my book by the fire that this was all quite luxurious.  I was taking a break from taking a break.  Who do I think I am?

Then Mom and the sisters came out to the island and we went for another luxurious weekend to celebrate Mom’s birthday at a spa.  Yes, another break from my break.

Then Mom and I headed to Newport for a visit with Auntie Sheila and Sydney and also attended her bridal shower.  One more mini vacation!

I finally returned home yesterday and drank mucho wine with Tom.

This morning I woke up with so much to do and catch up.  Work, work, work.



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    April 8, 2016

    Well first of all Kerri, I feel I have to clarify the “procrastination” comments I supposedly made. I actually went to comment on your “Strengths” blog, but I see you have already closed off the comments on that – no procrastination there! When we had that chat on the phone, I recall we were talking about qualities in general, not necessarily your top 3 qualities. I did use procrastination as one of your qualities, but it was in a positive light – procrastination can provide the catalyst for elevating your energy level to get a job done in record time. It’s not for the faint of heart. I have admired your ability to do an amazing job of getting things done at the very last minute.

    Also, I have now completed your Strengths survey – glad it was still open. I would like to enlighten you though that I was NOT procrastinating about doing the survey. There is a difference between procrastination and not having the time do to something. I don’t recall seeing a deadline date for the Strengths survey, otherwise I would have made a point of doing it sooner (I find procrastination stressful).

    And, I just realized that I forgot to add one more “Strength” to your “Strength Survey”. It is “thoughtfulness”. Thank you so much for your ongoing care and concern for me, particularly over the past year. I really do appreciate all you have done for me. This past “break from your break” mini vacation was focused on me, and I am so grateful for all the arrangements you made for me, your generosity, all the driving, etc. Thank you so much.

    PS: Don’t feel you have to reply to this – you can do it later 😉


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