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By on April 4, 2016

Uncle Robert has been sending me encouraging articles and books to read.  He mentioned that “Younger Next Year” changed the way he and my aunt looked at life.  They live on a ski hill in Fernie and are people to emulate when it comes to not acting your age.  I thought it would be worth the time investment.

I listened to it on my trip to Tofino last week.  At first I was not quite convinced that this book aimed at 60 year old men was going to be a good fit.  Like the guy is old and he’s giving advice to other old guys.  In an old guy sort of way.  At one point they talk about penises.  And how it’s a good idea to use email.  But I soldiered on.

The book is written by Chris (the old guy) and his doctor (a gerontologist-old guy doctor).  They have done a lot of research on how the body works, in general.  There are some chunks of science mixed in with Chris breaking it down for for us old guys.

This book had a life altering effect on me.  (I got over the fact that I was not his target market)

Here’s why:  Forever I have heard it’s 80% food and 20% exercise.  And I feel like I’m doing pretty well at eating and trying to get some sort of exercise in.  But then I have a bad food day and I say “Fuck it, 80% food, might as well not even bother with the exercise”

Well they spend at least half of the book on exercise.  Their theory (based on science) is that you should be doing some exercise every day for 60 minutes.  Blah, blah, Blah proteins hormones or something.  Every day you are either growing or dying depending on the messages you send your body.  And if you exercise that day, you’re sending a grow message instead of a die message.  And that’s how you get younger.

You have to get your heart rate up and you should do both weights and cardio, but its a commitment to do this at least 6 days a week that will make the huge change.

They don’t spend a lot of time on food.  Which is refreshing.  They say you should not eat crap-and you already know what crap is- so don’t eat that.

They also talk about some post retirement stuff about always having a purpose or reason to get out of bed.

But the big thing– exercise every day and get your heart pumping.  And that day is a day where you send the grow message instead of the die message.  That simple bit of advice is really easy to process and quite easy to keep track.  And you don’t have to be a 60 year old man to benefit from that.

I since found out that there is a Younger Next Year for Women book.  It is probably good and probably talks about periods and hysterectomys or something.  But I’m sure the basic message is the same.  So anyway, I recommend reading the book (any version) and getting your own little snippets for being younger next year with me.

Also they have this website:  Younger Next Year

So after all that, I did NOT manage to get out for my walk today because I was hungover from drinking too much wine with Tom last night.  So today I’m a little older, but tomorrow….!

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    Robert Siddall

    April 5, 2016

    I am pleased that you read (listened) the book. As is most book a lot of the content is err suspect. But the jewels a person can get, by taking the time to do so, are well worth the effort. Develop the habit of exercising “every-day-wheter-you want-to-or-not” and you will be able to congratulate your new younger person next year.
    I congratulate you on your personal motivation to be “Younger Next Year”.

    AKA -The Geriatric Teenager

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    April 5, 2016

    All or nothing thinking is something that I struggle with around food and exercise. Sometimes my body hurts and I can’t give 100%. It is hard in these days to tell myself that giving 60% is okay. Food too… Hollow leg and all the extra food.. You know the ‘stuff you know you shouldn’t eat’. All I ever want is to be the best me I can be!
    I appreciated your thoughts


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