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By on April 10, 2016

First, I know Mom is going to kill me about that picture.  But really, I had no option-it was the perfect pic.

For Mom’s birthday, my sisters and I decided to take our favorite person to the #1 spa in Canada.  It just so happens its located in Parksville and a cool 2 hour drive from my place.  🙂

The spa is called Tigh-Na-Mara and if you want to check it out for yourself- click here and then book your own reservation immediately.

You know, I think we were all in the mood for this trip.  It had been nearly 2 months since my dad’s funeral and we hadn’t all been together since then.  It was nice to get together and just talk about him whenever we want.

On Saturday morning, we were sitting in my apartment and talking.  Suddenly a hummingbird was in the window-being all like a hummingbird and peeking in the window.  Important fact to know-My parents have had a hummingbird feeder on their deck for many years and often we would sit on the deck and marvel at the little bastards.  And until that moment, I have not witnessed a hummingbird on my patio.  It was both very shocking and comforting.  It was like he wanted us to know that he was keeping an eye on us that weekend.

We spent mom’s birthday in the spa.  The entire day- in those bathrobes.  Luxurious.IMG_4740

At the end of the day we were starving- there was no time to eat between treatments.  OMG, I hate myself just typing that.

Good news, waiting for us at the end of the day- was Endless Tapas.  Rebecca wasn’t sure what that was exactly, but she was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be enough.


Overheard at Endless Tapas:

Rebecca:  “We’re going to put them out of business”

Rebecca:  ”  Tapas Schmapas-where will the local pizza place be”

Annette: “If I took my robe off, I could eat another oyster”

Mom:  “We have 3 things left on this menu, bring it”

Rebecca:  “Do dancing girls come out if you eat everything?”

Rebecca:  “I’m going to explode-wait, there’s dessert?”

IMG_4753 IMG_4755

After tapas we headed back to the room.  It was time for nightcaps when Mom and I noticed it was just us:

IMG_0133 (1)


It was a really great weekend spending time with Mom and my sisters.  I’m so proud of her and how she is taking on this next chapter in her life.  She is strong and really focused on maintaining the right attitude to make this difficult transition.  I can see her struggle, then adjust and it gives me strength as I head out into my own unknowns and changes.

Love you so much Mom,


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    April 11, 2016

    Great recap of our awesome weekend celebrating Mom! LOL at the sleeping pic of Beck and I – who knew how exhausting endless tapas was going to be?!

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    April 11, 2016

    Another very entertaining blog Kerri. It made me laugh, and then cry, and your pictures were perfect (even though I would not have approved of some of those). I hope people do know that you HAVE to go to Endless Tapas in your robe – it wasn’t just us that did that.

    I had such a great weekend with you, Annette and Beck, and am so grateful for the love and support you girls give me on an ongoing basis – I would not be able to survive without you girls.

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    April 11, 2016

    It was an amazing weekend… memories to cherish forever… so many laughs. I new it was gonna be great but somehow it was even better! Love you guys!


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