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By on April 15, 2016

I just realized that I’m at 3 months since I started my “career break”.  That’s a quarter.  This seems like a good time for a check in and check up.

So this year off didn’t start off very “kerfree”.  I ended up spending just under a month in Two Hills-both spending some time with Dad and then some time without Dad.  Its hard to believe he’s gone from this earth and I think about him every single day.  IMG_4131

So beyond that month, here’s a quick tally:

  • Places
    • Tofino
    • Portland and Newport

      Newport Oregon with a couple of my faves.

    • Parksville and the Spa
  • Entertainment
    • Nathanial Rateliffe Concert
    • 8 IMAX shows
    • Midsummer Nights Dream
    • a lot of movies
    • CBC’s This is That at the Arden
  • Activity
    • a ton of hikes all over the island

      Mystic Beach hike

      Mystic Beach hike

    • joined the gym and got a trainer (who I sorta hate, but also sorta don’t hate)
    • started bike riding
    • kayaked
  • Self Improvement
    • Completing B School
    • Read 10 books, fiction and non fiction
    • Got life insurance and completed my will
    • Got a vision board
    • Got a new tattoo
    • Went to a photo shoot (out of my comfort zone-read: insecure)
  • Big Trip planned!
    • Flights booked
    • All tours booked
    • General itinerary solidified
    • Got the necessary needles
    • travel for just about 4 months starting September 2

And a couple updates:

  • Regarding the kettlebell post- yes I got up to 100 swings and it takes 5 minutes to complete. And my ass looks the same.
  • My rug is still missing.

Next post:  holding myself accountable in Q2.


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    Robert Siddall

    April 15, 2016

    The first six week of your sabbatical “Don’t Count.” You can reset you timeline for events after the passing of your Dad.


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