By on April 21, 2016

I completed the Basic Kayak Skills course on Saturday. This is the required pre-requisite course for Sea Kayaking Level 1, which I am registered for on June 11.

We learned about kayaks and gear.  Turns out kayaking is another really good way to get rid of that pesky extra money in your bank account.  And of course we learned a bunch of paddling strokes-how to go forward (duh) and backward and in a circle.

And this was not just how to get in a kayak and not tip.  Quite the opposite actually.  They actually want you to tip!  And then while upside down, you must escape from you kayak skirt(calmly) and make your way to the surface.

I also learned how to rescue someone that has tipped over their kayak.  First step:  stop laughing.  Second step: ask if they are ok.  Then the rest of the steps.  So if you’re kayaking with me, there is a chance I can rescue you-if I stop laughing in time.

There was a married couple who were attempting the rescue and twice I looked over and they had both tipped their kayaks during the rescue.  They didn’t look pleased with each other.  But it was very funny from where I was sitting.  I thought we were all joking about it together-but maybe not now that I think about it in hindsight.

In case you’re wondering, the teacher did say I was advanced a couple times.

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    Karen Olson

    April 21, 2016

    Nice to hear that you might have made it to the second step in your rescue procedure. Although I do recall you helping me find dry clothes.

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      April 21, 2016

      Karen, you did not require a rescue in your 6″ of water lay down. Thankfully I could continue to laugh for, well, years apparently.

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    Robert Siddall

    April 21, 2016

    Your Auntie Donna does not like showing the sun the bottom her kayak. But she does a belly laugh when I do. Visit us and we will do a trip on the Elk River in its err genteel Rapids.

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      April 21, 2016

      Rapids?! I haven’t learned that yet. But sounds like fun!


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