Careful what you wish for

By on October 5, 2016

By request- Einstein hair all day erry day in the pic above

I am so sick of the smell of diesel and the sound of those track hoes. Today they started working at 630 just outside my room.

What comes with the track hoes is a team of about 20 guys that watch. Sometimes they watch the track hoes but mostly they watch me walk around in my bathing suit. You know me, I don’t usually mind someone watching me, but this even gets annoying.

this gives you an idea of the guys standing around. I wasn't wearing my bathing suit when this pic was taken that's why they are looking in the hole.

this gives you an idea of the guys standing around. I was just wearing regular clothes when this pic was taken that’s why they are looking in the hole.

And its not like it’s just me they stare at. It’s in the guidebooks. The guys will stare at a girl in a bathing suit. Which leads me to my next tale.


Thought I would treat myself to a massage. Turns out there was one offered just a couple doors down. 1 hour Ayurvedic massage for 2000 rupees. ($17 CAD). I’m one to know a bargain so I went for it.

The massage would be done by a Sri Lankan male about 35 years old. No problem. He said ok, take off your bathing suit and lay on the table.   Problem.

There was no towel or sheet or anything. Also, he didn’t leave the room while I did this. First I just took off my top. Then he said bottoms too.

So yes I had a 1 hour massage totally naked with no sheet or anything. And yes, like a regular massage, I had to turn over.

Hahahahaha. I can imagine mom and tom right now. And before you spaz too much, I was sure I could take him and I had 3 ways out of there.

He massaged my entire body then asked me to put my bathing suit back on. Then I sat in a chair and he dumped a lot of oil on it and massaged my head. Then I told him I would be back tomorrow at the same time

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone.

I don’t have a picture of this for obvious reasons.


I desperately needed my laundry done. And since the chief laundry doer went home I had to solve this problem on my own.

Good news, the hotel told me there was a laundromat just down the road. Off I went with 90% of my clothes.

The laundromat is of course, all males, 35 years old. And it’s not a laundromat. It’s a place where the hotels take their laundry. But sure, they will do my laundry. I had to take out every piece of laundry so they could count it to tally the cost. Yes, 6 panties. The total came to $15 CAD.

The top pic is the outside. My laundry came out much cleaner than the inside of this place.

The top pic is the outside. My laundry came out much cleaner than the inside of this place.

I left most of my clothing there unsure what I would pick up. Turns out I also left my compression sack. This allows me to jam a lot of clothes into my small bag. If it was gone I wouldn’t need all those laundered clothes because they wouldn’t fit in my bag anyway.

I waited nervously until noon to get my clothes.  They had to search around, but found my compression sack.  And my clothes were folded with paper in between!  What a treat. Crisis averted!


If you know me you know I have reactions to bug bites.  I woke up after the first morning like this:

i have clearly shed any parts of me that were once vain as I put this picture in my blog.

i have clearly shed any parts of me that were once vain as I put this picture in my blog.

Yes, I looked like this when I got my massage as well.

My eye is now open and most of the swelling is gone.  But it was a little odd trying to sort out the new digs with one eye.  Also trying not to scare anyone  ?


I asked for a sign from dad and got one.  I wanted solitude and got that too. There is no one here. I sit in the restaurant myself. I walk on the beach alone. It’s almost a bit creepy.

There is one other couple here from England. They are nice to me when I bother them about what they did today.

Me and all my friends just chillin on the beach.

Me and all my friends just chillin on the beach.

Its absolutely beautiful here.  Im being stretched and at the same time sorting out how to chill out.

I read a book today and need to pace myself as only have one left.  Gonna venture out on a river safari tomorrow.



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    Karen Olson

    October 5, 2016

    I see a book about your adventure, leading to a movie of course. Who will play you is the question? Side note, nice necklace.

    • Reply


      October 5, 2016

      Please compile a list of actors who might fit. We all know who will play Tom.
      In the meantime instead of reading books, maybe I will start to write one!

  2. Reply


    October 5, 2016

    At least you still have your sense of humor. The beach does look beautiful. Hope your eyeball gets better….. Still better than the horns you grew in Mexico dont you think? Lol. Luvs ya.

    • Reply


      October 5, 2016

      I don’t know. The horns could be covered by my bangs.

  3. Reply


    October 5, 2016 – that massage! LOLOLOLOLOL I will laugh at the thought of that moment (and what I imagine was your hilarious shocked face!) for a long time. Also the thought of you working through your 3 exits during the massage (like shavasana and planning what’s for supper). So funny! Enjoy the stttrrreeetttcccchhh and solitude!

  4. Reply


    October 5, 2016

    Did I miss something?? Who is playing Tom in your movie?!

    • Reply


      October 5, 2016

      I occasionally get Tim Robbins look alike comments . Once a lady in a Kauai grocery promised to not let anyone else know I was traveling incognito..wink wink.

      • Reply

        Auntie Sheila

        October 5, 2016

        Hey Tom! No shit?
        All this time I thought you were hiding your identity!!!!
        You deff look like Tim.
        You know when somebody reminds you of somebody and you can’t place it? It’s one of those.

  5. Reply


    October 5, 2016

    Your courage and ability to adapt is truly amazing . I do wonder how many of those backhoe dudes are scrambling to be apprentice Ayurvedic therapists this week !? There is only one KD so I guess acting is next on your list

  6. Reply


    October 5, 2016

    I’m holding my breath while I’m reading all this – I just can’t believe how confident, courageous and resilient you are! Happy you are always prepared and aware of what’s going on but please be careful! I’m already looking forward to you being home and reading your book. Btw, it’s +1 here – winter is on its way so enjoy that beach.

  7. Reply


    October 5, 2016

    Ge, I think I would pay a few rupees more during that massage, just to get a sheet. LOL
    The beach looks lovely, but a bit spooky.

  8. Reply

    Auntie Sheila

    October 5, 2016

    Well, I hear they offer ‘happy endings’ at the end of some massages for a few pennies more. 😉 Not sure what that means..

    Being homesick is very hard. I remember finding myself at the complete opposite of the world from the US, in Perth, Aussie, during a beautiful Sunday in a beautiful courtyard and children and families all around me.

    After 3 wks traveling, I cried the whole day and surprised myself for getting so homesick.

    Wishing you well!

  9. Reply

    Aunty Sheryl

    October 6, 2016

    Your hair ? and that eyeball ? I can “totally relate to” as I’ve had many a day where I looked just like that – it’s definitely in the genes ?
    Now as for that massage ? let’s just say I’d be like “outta there in a heartbeat” I can’t believe you stayed ? but then again “you are you” and you are on an adventure – and as they say “when in Sri Lanka…” Next time you go though you should maybe take that pretty little Indian cloth you bought ☺️
    I must say I’m already over this resort – please be careful – looking forward to your next location – when does that happen?


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