Africa reflections, part 1

By on November 27, 2016

I’ve been camping around East Africa for nearly 3 weeks and there has been very limited wifi everywhere.  So as I catch up, I will break my Africa time…


Hakuna Matata

By on November 10, 2016

They say Hakuna Matata here all the time.  I know what it means thanks to the Lion King, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t using it in the correct…


If its not 3000 yrs old, its crap

By on November 4, 2016

Everything in Egypt is old. Like ancient old. I took a lot of pictures of old things and do not recall any of the answers to the following questions…



By on October 29, 2016

Here I am in Egypt! WOW!!

I had a few funny encounters.  One of them was at the airport where a man asked me if I was from Egypt (I…

Travel Video

Video time

By on October 24, 2016

Ive had plenty of time here for reflection, reading and rest.

So I put together a couple videos-‘Idle hands are the devils workshop’ as they say.

Here are a couple devilish…