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2017- The Year of Less

By on January 14, 2017

For me, 2016 was The Year of More. Or the Year of Yes (borrowed from Shonda Rhimes).  I quit my job to completely free up all of my time….



By on December 31, 2016

The last stop on my solo trek.  And boy, it was a toughie.

I spent a couple days in Lima.  My plan was to overcome any potential jet lag as…


Out of Africa, part 2

By on December 4, 2016

Now this is the last Africa post, for reals.
We packed a lot in to a short time in Zimbabwe.  This made up for our lack of activities in Tanzania.



Out of Africa, part 1

By on December 4, 2016

Last Africa post!   Im going to break it down by country as that is easiest for me to remember.
I started my Tanzania stay in Zanzibar and that is…


KDs Big 7

By on December 1, 2016

I think its only fair to dedicate one post to the animals of Africa. The Big 5 are what people typically come to see in Africa. The Big 5…